himalayas calling

A blend of Adventure and Ecological Tourism

about us

We are big-time adrenaline junkies and we believe that, be it kids or grown-ups, a regular rush of adrenaline is an essential. At Himalayas Calling, we experience this thrill together through our wide range of adventure activities and expeditions.

We love where we live. And to keep our love affair with the mountains going, we show respect and consideration to our surroundings by practicing ecological tourism.

We are amazing hosts and we know it! We have a bunch of experienced skiers and mountaineers qualified from leading mountaineering institutes of India. Together, we treat our guests like family and take care of the smallest of their needs. So, even if you are traveling alone, you won’t have to worry about making friends.

Our culture is our pride- be it our food, clothes, music, our traditional dance or our mystical deities. Be sure that by the end of your trip, you will have fallen in love with the mountains, the forests, adventure sports and adrenaline rushes, Himachal and most importantly, yourself.

The Team


He is a veteran when it comes to Himalayan Tourism. With his vast experience and knowledge of adventure and hospitality industry, Urvij is our guiding force.


After twenty years of corporate life, Vivek has decided to re-kindle his love for the mountains by co-founding Himalayas Calling. He has put to use his management experience, to ensure the best travel experience for his guests.


He is our free-spirited co-founder who has a passionate love affair with the mountains. He's a talented mountaineer and skier who will always walk the extra mile to make your travel a memorable experience.