Safety and Privacy


Although our adventure activities are designed to make you feel exhilarated, we take safety very seriously. That’s why we use tested equipment of international standards and follow the safety precautions to the T.

Careful and meticulous planning goes into each program, chosen route and the equipment used. We have qualified team leaders from recognized institutes who have significant experience in the area of work. Participants are briefed, upon arrival, about the program schedule, terrain involved and how to take care of themselves.

The Risk Factor

We take great pride in our safety management and risk assessment for all outdoor programs that we offer. However, there is a persistent inevitable risk factor involved in all outdoor activities, pertaining to error in judgment or the unpredictable forces of nature.

Our competent and trained team will put in their best efforts to ensure your safety but that does not fully evade the risk of injury or mishap. Indeed, much of the value of our course lies in learning how to identify hazards and adapt accordingly, not only on the course, but also for a lifetime of enjoying the outdoors.

Medical Emergencies

The remoteness of the areas in which we travel may create emergency situations that have no simple solutions. It is not uncommon to be days from medical help. The majority of medical incidents (sprains, fever, cold, diarrhea, etc.) will be treated in the field. A more serious incident, such as a fracture, will require relocation of the patient to the nearest medical facility.

Third Party Involvement

Himalayas Calling may have to tie-up with third party modes of transport which could be cabs, trains, buses, airplanes or other arrangements. Although we will do our best to ensure a comfortable and safe travel, it must be realized that we have limited control over the operational safety and expertise of the driver, other than supervising their efficient functioning to meet our schedules.

High-altitude travel

Good physical conditioning and a positive mental attitude will be helpful when going on an expedition. As the expeditions take you to a wide variety of locations, it should be generally assumed that participants will camp outdoors. It is essential that the participants work as a team during the expedition. Mutual support and co-operation will be helpful throughout, and especially during extreme weather conditions

Your Privacy

We respect your right to privacy and shall strive to keep your personal details secure

We collect personally identifiable data in order to provide our services and customized products. The personal data collected includes your full name, address, contact numbers, e-mail IDs, emergency numbers, birth date and/or age, and such other information that can be used to identify you. This data is referred to only during the course, and upon completion of the course the data is archived.

We register your e-mail ID to send newsletters, event related information and details of new course or trek program regularly. The option to unsubscribe is provided in such mails as it is not in our policy to spam.

We do not share or sell your personal data to any external party, unless required under the law or if a legal process mandates the use of such data.

We publish photographs of the organized on our website and social media for promotional purposes. You may feature in those photographs as a participant in the event. These pictures are chosen with great care and diligence. Please notify us if you feel that your privacy has been intruded into.

Our website may carry links to other websites and we claim no control or responsibility over their privacy policies. Online payment during registration requires submission of credit card and such other details to the 3rd party internet payment gateway (IPG) contracted by us. We have no access to such financially sensitive data other than tracking the flow of your payment.

If you feel or suspect that your data has been misused, kindly notify us immediately and we shall respond as soon as possible to investigate and rectify the mistake. Send email to to report abuse.