Do’s and Don’ts

Come mentally prepared as a team: It is indeed a sojourn away from your daily routine, but do remember that this outing requires you to bond with the team members and work together as a group. The more you are in sync with them, the better are the chances of learning and excelling in the activities and also, more importantly, of having a great time.

Wear Comfortable Clothing: The team building undertakings that are conducted require you to engage in physical activity. To feel at ease and improve the efficiency of the task given, it is recommended that you wear comfortable clothes.

Respect Local Culture and Customs: Participants are requested to observe the local customs of the place visited even if they differ from their personal beliefs. Promote healthy interaction with the local population in order to learn about their beliefs and daily practices. You are also requested to respect local dress codes and dress appropriately. Although photography in general is welcome, be aware of people’s sensitivity about being photographed: always ask for their approval.

Follow the Instructions of the Facilitator: The outdoor events are designed beforehand, keeping a certain agenda in mind. Hence, when the facilitator is giving instructions, however trivial or illogical it may seem, do pay heed and follow them. Your co-operation will ensure smooth operation of the event.

Inform your operator beforehand in case of any prior injury/ailment: As majority of the activities undertaken would require physical movement, it is strongly advised that you inform the person in-charge beforehand of any injuries that you are suffering from. Also, do let them know if you are suffering from any ailments like asthma, low blood pressure or such medical conditions. Special arrangements will be made accordingly.

Observe forest rules: Natural habitats, especially places like forests, come with certain guidelines, as you are entering into an uncharted territory. Do follow the forest rules to avoid any unwonted situations. Follow the instructions of the forest official and the team leader closely.

Stay within proximity: In the group excursions, you would mostly be visiting unfamiliar places so, it is essential to stick close to your group members to avoid losing your way. Also, the group activities require the presence of all the team members. A single participant’s absence can hamper the flow of the event. You are requested, therefore, to inform your group about your whereabouts if you wish to explore the surroundings.

Conserve Nature – Say No to Littering: You are requested to keep the surroundings litter-free and set an example for the fellow visitors. It may not be possible to spot a dustbin in the natural settings of the trekking trails and jungles. That is why we suggest that you carry disposable bags with you beforehand to dump all the garbage.

Play only Soft Music: In the camp site you are in middle of protected reserved forests, therefore DJ nights or loud music is not permitted. However, soft music is allowed within the dining room. If you have booked the entire property, light music may be permitted only in the sit-out outside the dining hall. Acoustic/un-plugged live performances are welcome.

Display Sensitivity toward Widlife: Some of the outbound experiences may take you to an area populated by wildlife. Take caution and respect the animals’ habitat. You are requested to be sensitive towards animals and not cause any chaos or scare. Maintain a safe distance from the fauna to experience a peaceful co-existence with them.

And most importantly: These team outing excursions are held to get you out of your routine and to have a great time. Enjoy the picturesque scenery, get to know your team members better, learn new tricks and play the games with enthusiasm. Make most of the experience and delight in every moment of it. Have fun!